IOC official's letter to PM Modi “We are grateful to you”

BanglaHunt Desk: Corona virus is the global capital. The International Olympic Committee was the nosedive even after the coronavirus was spread around the world. Corona pandemic is declared in many countries. Even then, the IOC said the Olympics would start at the scheduled time. Even the Olympic torch is lit. But as the days go by, the situation becomes more realistic. Lockdowns occur in one country after another. After China, do not start to spread like fire in Italy, Spain, the United States and Britain. Many people died. The IOC understands that people play if they live! In which case the Olympics will participate in any country! As a result, they decide, for a year, to be backed by the Greatest Show on the Earth.

The big challenge for the IOC now is to organize the Olympics next year! From that side, India has assured all kinds of cooperation in coordinating the big game of the world. And so this time, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked the International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach. He sent a letter of thanks to Narendra Modi.

In a letter dated April, Bach wrote, “I am particularly grateful to you for the way India stands beside the Tokyo Olympics. You mentioned the role of the IOC in the G20 leadership summit to fight the Covid-19 virus. While Corona was wreaking havoc all over the world, shutting down one international sport after another, the IOC was determined to host the Olympics at the scheduled time. But as the lockdown began for the entire world for Corona, the IOC was forced to delay the Olympics one year. The big challenge is to organize this event next year.

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