IPL 2023: Ban threat looms over Virat Kohli, Rs 24 lakh will go out of pocket


IPL 2023: विराट कोहली पर मंडराया बैन का खतरा, जेब से जाएंगे 24 लाख रुपये

Virat Kohli: Virat Kohli captained Royal Challengers Bangalore in the last two matches and now he has to face the punishment. However, under his captaincy, Kohli had won the team.

Virat Kohli fined.

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New Delhi: Virat Kohli returned as the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore. Virat Kohli has captained Bangalore in the last two matches. But now he has been punished for captaincy. Kohli has been fined for slow over rate. Kohli has been fined Rs 24 lakh. The IPL issued a statement on Monday and informed about this.

Kohli captained the team against Rajasthan Royals on Sunday and won the team but during this time the team could not complete the overs in the stipulated time. For this reason, he has been fined.

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may get banned

If Virat Kohli gets caught in the affair of slow over rate in another match, then he can also be banned. Actually, the threat of ban is on the captain of Bangalore. Earlier, Faf Duplesey was fined Rs 12 lakh for slow over rate. Then he was captaining Bangalore. Now the Bangalore team did not complete the overs in the stipulated time for the second time and Kohli was the captain of the team in this match.

In the crime of slow over rate, the captain of the team is fined Rs 12 lakh in the first time and Rs 24 lakh in the second time, but for doing this for the third time, the captain can be fined Rs 30 lakh and banned for one match. That is, for the third time, if the Bangalore team does not complete the overs in the stipulated time, then whoever is the captain will be banned.

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Team players were also fined

For the first time, only the captain’s pocket is cut in the crime of slow over rate, but if this happens for the second time, the players of the rest of the team are also fined. For this reason, this time along with Kohli, the rest of the team players will also be fined six lakhs or 25 percent of the match fee, whichever is higher.

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