IPL 2023 Playoff Scenario: 7 matches completed, 7 left, how is the road to the playoffs now for 10 teams?


IPL 2023 Playoff Scenario: 7 मैच पूरे, 7 बाकी, 10 टीमों के लिए अब कैसी है प्लेऑफ की राह?

IPL 2023 Points Table: Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings is at the top. After him, Hardik Pandya’s team Gujarat Titans is at number two. While Rajasthan Royals and Lucknow Super Giants have also maintained themselves in the top four teams.

New Delhi: IPL 2023 has covered half way. Out of the total 70 matches played, 35 matches have been played. It means that out of the 14 matches played in the group stage, all the 10 teams have played half the matches. Half the matches means the first 7 matches. And, now the same number of matches are left to play in the group stage. In such points table It becomes necessary to know the condition of

The condition of the points table tells which team is where in the playoff race? Which team has the stronger claim? And, those who are backward in the race, what do they have to do now?

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Will the top 4 of IPL 2023 retain their places?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings are at the top of the points table after half the journey of IPL 2023. After him, Hardik Pandya’s team Gujarat Titans is at number two. While Rajasthan Royals and Lucknow Super Giants have also maintained themselves in the top four teams.

In the playoffs of IPL 2023, the same team reaches which is in the top 4 in the points table. And, from this point of view, at present Chennai, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Lucknow are at the forefront. In these, Chennai and Gujarat have won 5-5 out of 7 matches and have only 10 points. But due to the better runrate, CSK is on the first position while GT is on the second number.

Exactly the same situation is with the teams of Rajasthan and Lucknow, who are at number three and four. Both these teams have won 4-4 out of 7-7 matches played so far and have 8 points. But RR is a notch higher than LSG because of better run rate.

Bangalore, Punjab are not far behind

In the points table of IPL 2023, RCB and Punjab Kings sitting at number 5 and 6 also have only 8-8 points. Meaning they have also won only 4-4 out of the first 7 matches. But, the difference in their position is regarding the runrate.

The effect of Mumbai’s bad game on the points table

The performance of Mumbai Indians is disappointing in the tournament and its effect is also visible on their health in the points table. This team is at number 7 after winning only 3 out of 7 matches. Apart from these, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Delhi sitting at number 8, 9 and 10 have only 4-4 points after playing 7 matches. The only difference between them is of runrate.

What next in the playoff race?

Now the question is what is the process of these 10 teams reaching the playoffs after playing the first 7 matches. Meaning what will they have to do next? So the better way for this is that all the teams win their remaining 7 matches. But it will not be easy for everyone to do this.

Chennai and Gujarat are currently the top two teams. They have 10-10 marks. Meaning if they win 3 or 4 matches out of the next 7, then with 16 or 18 points they can cut the playoff ticket. Just like this, the teams from number three to number six will have to win at least 4 or 5 matches. Since the question is also of runrate here, the effort will have to be to win more matches and keep in mind the margin of victory.

Same, for the intact teams from 7th to 10th number, it will be forbidden to lose in a way. Because only if he plays with this thinking, he can be seen reaching the playoffs. Otherwise, from their current position, a playoff ticket seems far-fetched for them.

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