IPL 2023: Shahid Afridi scolded his son-in-law in live interview, got angry on this


IPL 2023: Live इंटरव्यू में शाहिद अफरीदी ने अपने दामाद को हड़काया,  इस बात पर हुए गुस्सा

Shahid Afridi: Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has married his daughter to Pakistan’s young fast bowler Shahin Afridi. The pair of these two is very famous in world cricket at this time.

Shahid scolded Shahin Shah Afridi.

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New Delhi: former captain of pakistan Shahid Afridi Is counted among the great all-rounders. This player had the power to turn the match with his bowling and stormy batting. After him, another Afridi came in the Pakistan team. This is Shaheen Afridi who is famous for his swing bowling. Afridi has a special relationship between these two. Shaheen is the son-in-law of Shahid. But in a show, Shahid got angry on his own son-in-law.

Recently Shahid has married his daughter to Shaheen. This father-in-law-son-in-law pair is discussed a lot in world cricket. Both of them had recently participated in a TV interview. And during this, Shahid got angry on one thing of Shaheen.

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Shahid got angry on being called father-in-law

Shahid and Shaheen were giving an interview on Pakistan’s news channel Sama TV. Meanwhile, Shaheen called Shahid as father-in-law. Had to say this much that Shahid immediately interrupted his son-in-law and said that he does not want to hear from Shaheen’s father-in-law again. Shahid told the reason behind this that he recently won a trophy. Shahid Afridi had recently won the title of Legends Cricket League.

Shahid was playing for the Asia Lions team in this league and this team defeated India Maharaj by nine runs. That’s why Shahid meant to say that he is still playing cricket and winning. He also said that Shaheen won the PSL with Lahore Qalandars and the next day he lifted the Legends League trophy.

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Told role model to Shahid

During this shaheen Called Shahid his role model and shared his experience of bowling to him. Shaheen said that Shahin is his role model and he has got a lot of inspiration from him. Shaheen said that he thoroughly enjoyed Shahid’s batting. Shaheen said that when Shahid used to get out, he used to stop watching TV.

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