IPL 2023: What happened to Yash Dayal after Rinku Singh’s innings? lost 8 kilos


IPL 2023: रिंकू सिंह की पारी के बाद यश दयाल को क्या हो गया? 8 किलो वजन गिरा

Yash Dayal: Gujarat Titans fast bowler Yash Dayal has not played any match since he hit five sixes in the last over against Kolkata Knight Riders. Hardik Pandya told the big reason for not being in his team.

New Delhi, April 9… Kolkata Knight Riders and Gujarat Titans match. 29 runs were needed in the last over and KKR batsman Rinku Singh at the crease bowled the fast bowler Yash Dayal Hit five sixes in five balls. Rinku Singh became a star after this miraculous innings but do you know what is the condition of Yash Dayal? Gujarat captain Hardik Pandya told that Yash Dayal is ill since the same match.

Hardik Pandya told Star Sports after the win against Mumbai Indians that Yash Dayal has been ill since that match. For this reason, he is not visible in the team. Pandya informed that Yash Dayal has fever and his weight has also reduced by 7 to 8 kg.

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That match had a bad effect on Yash’s health?

It is being said that Yash Dayal has fever, he is suffering from viral, but somewhere the effect of poor performance in that match is also visible on this bowler. Although cricket is a game, but the burden of poor performance falls on every player. A player like Virat Kohli also came under pressure after continuous flops. There were days when Virat did not even touch the bat. When a player like Virat can be with him, then where has Yash Dayal played so much cricket?

Yash Dayal’s absence raising questions?

Let us tell you that since that match against KKR, Yash Dayal neither appeared in the playing XI nor was he in the list of impact players. Everyone’s question was that where has Yash Dayal gone? Question Hardik Pandya and Gujarat Were also getting up on team management. Critics felt that the team has lost faith in Yash Dayal, but now the cricket fans will be very sad to know what Hardik Pandya has revealed. It is expected that Yash Dayal gets well soon and makes a tremendous comeback on the field.

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