Irrfan Khan Death Anniversary: ​​lied to mother to become a hero, Irfan got courage after seeing this actor


Irrfan Khan Death Anniversary: हीरो बनने के लिए मां से बोला झूठ, इस एक्टर को देखने के बाद इरफान को मिली थी हिम्मत

great artist irfan khan are not among us. But the wonderful gift of his memories, his films and his performances will always be with us. Irfan Khan passed away on April 29, 2020, three days before today. The actor had neuro-endocrine tumor. Due to which he left this world at the age of 54 saying goodbye. Even though Irfan is no longer with us, we have brought some stories from him for you.

Irrfan gave his 30 years to the world of cinema. In those 30 years, he acted in 69 films. For which he was well liked and was also honored with the Padma Shri award. But his film journey was never easy. Irfan went to NSD to hone his acting skills. But Irfan lied to his mother to reach NSD. Irrfan was so infatuated with acting that he was ready to do anything for him.

Irfan did a Diploma in Dramatic Arts from Rajasthan University even during his college days. Along with this, he was also selected in NSD. But the actor’s mother did not like his acting at all. She wanted that her son should take up the job of a lecturer in Rajasthan itself. But Irfan convinced her by lying to his mother. But when the time came for the actor to go to Delhi, the shadow of his father disappeared from his head.

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Irrfan did not share his dream of becoming an actor with anyone. He used to think that everyone would make fun of him after hearing this. However, he often used to ask himself whether a person who looked like him could never become a hero. However, when he saw Mithun Chakraborty on screen, he felt that he too could become a good actor like him. However, when he got his first film, he cried a lot. Because after the release of the film, it came to know that his roles have been cut.

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