Is 1200 Rs. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos wears a shirt? This picture went viral


क्या 1200 रु. की शर्ट पहनते हैं अमेजन के फाउंडर Jeff Bezos? वायरल हुई ये तस्वीर

Jeff Bezos Shirt: A picture of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is becoming very viral, sharing which users are claiming that the shirt he is wearing is worth $15. Not only this, this shirt is sold on Amazon.

Jeff Bezos with girlfriend Lauren Sanchez

Jeff Bezos Viral News: third richest in the world and amazon Founder of jeff bezos Often in discussion. However, this time he is not in the headlines for his business or any decision, but because of one of his shirts, he is in the news. Actually, a picture of him has gone viral on Twitter, by sharing which users are saying that lo brother… not only me but billionaires like Bezos also roam around wearing shirts worth Rs 1200.

Through the picture of Amazon founder Bezos that has gone viral, people have tried to tell that multimillionaire Bezos not only sells things to people on his website, but also buys his own clothes from Amazon. A user from Twitter handle @pitdesi has claimed that the shirt worn by Bezos is available on Amazon for $15 (about Rs 1225). Then what was left. People on Twitter caught hold of this and started talking about Bezos’s shirt in different ways.

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Bezos’s shirt, which people are telling for $ 15

A short clip of Bezos has also gone viral, in which he is seen enjoying rapper Bad Bunny’s Coachella performance with his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez.

By the way, let us tell you that according to the claim of the Twitter user, the shirt worn by Bezos is slightly different from the shirt sold on Amazon. Noting this, many users have also registered their feedback.

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