Is Jitendra’s web series Panchayat a copy of Shah Rukh Khan’s film? Fans are asking after watching this video


क्या Shah Rukh Khan की इस फिल्म का कॉपी है जितेंद्र की वेब सीरीज पंचायत? ये वीडियो देख पूछ रहे हैं फैंस

Jitendra, Shah Rukh Khan

Panchayat Scene Copy From SRK Film: There is a lot of original content on OTT platforms. One after the other such contents are being worked on which Bollywood The craze for films has reduced. Now a big source of entertainment for the people OTT has been made. The web series Panchayat released on this OTT was very much liked. In this, the interesting way in which the reality of the village was shown, the public was seen relating to it. Now this web series is being compared on Twitter with Shahrukh Khan’s very old film Umeed.

In fact, a person has shared a two-and-a-half-minute scene of Shah Rukh Khan’s TV film Umeed, which came in the year 1989, on Twitter. If you watch it, you will find that its scenes are very similar to the scenes of Jitendra’s superhit web series Panchayat. The fans are also stunned to see this. It cannot be called a complete copy because the Panjayat web series was about a secretary whereas Shah Rukh Khan is a bank employee in this film.

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Like Jitendra came from the city to the village in search of work, similarly Shahrukh has also got posted in a rural bank and reaches a village where the population is less and development is not far and wide. Apart from this, when he goes inside, Shahrukh grabs his head after seeing the condition of the building in which the office is located. The same was seen with Jitendra as well. Not only this, the expectation of both is that both will get a house to live separately, but both are given a place to stay in the same office.

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fans got excited

The surprising thing is that when you watch this short video of Shahrukh Khan, not only the script but also the scenes will seem quite similar. Like the scene of the house, the scene of the village, the scene of the office inside the house and especially the place which is given to Shahrukh and Jitendra to stay in the village. Now seeing this small scene of Shahrukh’s film, the curiosity of the fans has increased and everyone seems to be asking that where will this complete video be found?

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