Is the former 'Shovan' walking the path of Emon? He got engaged with Swastika! Viral picture


BanglaHunt Desk: Singer Shovan Ganguly has forgotten the former Emon Chakraborty and has turned his attention to a new beginning. He is now in love with actress Swastika Dutta. At least his social media handle says so. As soon as you open Shovan's Instagram handle, you will see a picture of sweet love between the two.

Shovon recently shared another photo. And seeing this picture, the buzz has risen in Netpara. In the picture, a diamond ring is shining on Swastika's finger. But has Shovan Swastika already got engaged? Such questions are circulating in the minds of netizens.

“My first day at Starbucks,” Swastika wrote in a photo comment. Shovan wrote in reply, ‘Paper with coffee, remember?’ This picture is now quite viral on social media. However, Swastika is not ready to admit their relationship yet. Shovan or his only good friend.

Earlier, Shovon was in a relationship with national award winning singer Emon Chakraborty. The age difference between the two was enough. However, almost everyone in Tolipara was aware of this. But suddenly it is known that Emon and Shovon have separated. Although no one opened their mouths about this, many people said that Shovon's mother did not accept their age difference.

Emon has already started a new relationship. He is going to get married next year. But is Shovan going to walk the same road as before? The singer has not answered the question yet.

On the other hand, it was heard that Swastika is in a relationship with Krushal Ahuja, the protagonist of the serial 'Ki Kare Balbo Tomay'. But recently it was learned that Krushal is in a relationship with Adrija Roy. They also shared pictures together.