Is there really water in the humps of camels? Know what is the truth behind this


क्या ऊंटों के कूबड़ में ,सच में होता पानी? जानिए क्या है इसके पीछे की सच्चाई

the myth of the camel’s hump Image credit source: Pixabay

If you go on a short journey, then your condition worsens in a while. Especially if the temperature is high. Within a short while your throat starts getting dry, but you must be knowing this very well that camel is such an animal on the earth that it can live without water for many days in the scorching heat of the desert. Camels found in the desert have long been known for their ability to spend weeks without water, which is why they are called the ships of the desert.

The humps on top of camels are meant for storing water, with the help of which they spend weeks without water. Let us tell you that this assumption of ours is absolutely wrong, in fact they store fat in this hump. Humps don’t store water, but camels are surprisingly energetic even without daily water.

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What happens in this hump?

People who know animals closely tell that a camel can spend 4 to 6 months with the help of a full hump. Food items are often not available in the desert. In such a time, to keep himself energetic, he takes the help of fat stored in the hump of the body.

Experts say that if a camel spends more time without food, its humps begin to decrease and decrease, but after eating camel’s food, they become straight again. Interestingly, a camel can store up to 80 pounds (37 kg) of fat in the hump on its back. Therefore, if someone tells you next time that a camel keeps water in its hump, then you should make him face the truth.

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