Ishant called Sammy 'Kalu'! Are you still angry? Said Sammy


BanglaHunt Desk: Caribbean cricketer Darren Sammy suddenly complained of racial discrimination in the IPL during the lockdown, i.e. about four months ago today. World cricket got into a fight over his allegation. At the same time, there were questions about giving due respect to Caribbean cricketers in the IPL. After Darren Samir's statement, many more cricketers got the courage to open their mouths on caste discrimination. They also said that they had to suffer from racism in one way or another.

George Floyd, a black man, died in police brutality in America. And so the whole world roared at the oppression of blacks. Black people all over the world protested against it. Darren Samir's post fueled their protest.

At the time, Darren Sammy had complained that while playing for Hyderabad in the IPL, some of his teammates called him 'Kalu'. He did not know the meaning of the word Kalu at that time, but when he found out later, he was very angry. It was later learned that Indian cricket team fast bowler Ishant Sharma used to call him Kalu. However, in this context, Sami said that I am not angry with Ishant Sharma. He was like my brother before, still is. So in the future if I am the victim of any kind of racist comments, I will protest again.

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