Israel demolishes Al Jazeera building in Gaza, says Hamas controls everything from there

BanglaHunt Desk: The Israeli army destroyed a multi-storey building in the Gaza Strip. The building housed the offices of other media groups, including Al Jazeera. Earlier, Israel warned that it would destroy the sites from which Hamas targeted Israel.

The Israeli Defense Forces tweeted that Hamas was using high-rise buildings in Gaza to carry out command control, plan attacks and gather intelligence against us. And now Hamas is using those buildings for military purposes. As such, these buildings are now the target of the army.

The Israeli Defense Forces said that before targeting those buildings by Israel, it was determined whether there would be any civilian casualties. The building was then warned to evacuate. This time too it was done, the bomb was dropped after the warning.

The Israeli Defense Forces also said that if Hamas used a building for military purposes, it would be targeted by our military. All the buildings that Israel destroyed were a threat to Israel’s security. And our steps have been taken in accordance with international law.