“Israel has a right to self-defense,” says US president.

BanglaHunt Desk: In the midst of the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine, the US statement came to the fore. US President Joe Biden has backed Israel, saying it has the right to protect itself. Biden’s remarks made it clear that he was in favor of Israel. And if this war takes a big turn in the coming days, then America will come down in support of Israel.

Speaking to the media, US President Joe Biden said, “I hope that this fight will end soon, but I also say that Israel has the right to defend itself.” He said that when thousands of rockets were flying at his border, he had to take strict measures to protect himself. “I have spoken to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the phone about this,” Biden said.

The United States has begun efforts to end the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Egypt and Qatar have sent their own diplomats. However, given the current situation, it is unlikely that the conflict will end soon. Israel has made it clear that we will not remain silent until we avenge every attack on us. More than 70 Palestinians have been killed in the violence since Monday, including six Israelis and one Indian.

On the other hand, the second meeting of the United Nations was held on the ongoing battle between the extremists in Israel and Palestine. The meeting was attended by 15 members of the UN Security Council. TS Thirumurthy, India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, tweeted about the meeting. He wrote in that tweet, ‘I condemn all forms of violence at the UN meeting on what happened between Israel and Palestine. I especially condemn the rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza. “

He added, “Israel mourns the death of an Indian national killed in a rocket attack. Now both sides have to be calm. ”