Israel is breathing with open mind after losing Corona, every person is walking around without a mask

BanglaHunt Desk: The second wave of Coroner (covid-19) raises its head anew, but Israel is breathing heavily. After stern warnings, corona bans and, above all, the success of the vaccine, today, when the whole country is terrified of the second wave of corona, the headline appeared in an Israeli parliament – ‘Breathing Freely’.

Israel was under strict prohibition from the first episode of Corona until before the vaccination, even after the vaccination. There are still final warnings. Residents are being vaccinated against corona as soon as they turn 18. About 71 percent of Israelis have received two doses of the Covid vaccine since its inception.

After the discovery of the corona vaccine, when Britain and the United States started vaccinating, Israel started vaccinating them. While the rest of the world has slowed vaccinations, Israel has continued to work on vaccines at the same pace. As a result, more than 53 percent of Israel’s population has been vaccinated.

At a time when the whole world is terrified of the second wave of the Corona, remembering that horrible memory of 2020, the Israelis are walking the streets without masks, breathing heavily. Now there is a small amount of corona infection and the number of patients is much less. Strict corona warnings were maintained along with vaccinations. As a result of which the whole world is in crisis today, the people of Israel are breathing a sigh of relief.