Israel made a special request to India in difficult times

Bangla Hunt Desk: Israel has appealed to many countries around the world, including India, to declare the Palestinian extremist group Hamas a militant group. Israel has repeatedly called for Hamas to be declared a militant group. But this is the first time they have made a special appeal to India. Israel’s appeal is considered very important.

India’s recent statement indicates that India will adopt a new foreign policy on Israel-Palestine instead of its old policy. At first India was a supporter of Palestine, but now India’s position is looking a little different. Just as India has opposed a change in the status quo in East Jerusalem, it has also opposed a series of rocket attacks on Israel by Hamas.

Israel has said Hamas is a militant group, but has nothing to do with Pakistan’s militant group. Nevo Birchad, head of Israel’s foreign ministry’s regional security and counterterrorism department, has claimed that Hamas is linked to a Malaysian militant group rather than Pakistan. He made the remarks during a press conference in Jerusalem when asked about the possibility of Hamas’s links to the militant group.

“I am not aware of Hamas’s relationship with Pakistan,” he said. We are aware of some relations between Hamas and Malaysia. Hamas has ties to several militant groups in Malaysia. But we don’t know that there is such a thing with Pakistan. “

The press conference was held after the end of 11 days of bloody clashes between Israel and Hamas. At the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem during Ramadan, a group of people went down in direct opposition to Israel after prayers, and were reportedly throwing stones at Israeli police. This was followed by clashes between Israel and Hamas, which lasted for 11 days.

“India has strength,” said Birchad. They are very important countries. They have a lot of importance in the international arena. In our opinion, the entire international community, including India, should declare Hamas a militant organization. Only then will the various sources of Hamas be known.