Israeli PM Netanyahu's son apologizes to Hindus, deletes post


BanglaHunt Desk: The friendship between Israel and India is not new. The friendship between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Benjamin Netanyahu has been discussed many times in the international arena. However, the recent actions of Yar Netanyahu, the son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have sparked a new controversy between India and Israel.

A few days ago, Yar Netanyahu posted a picture from his Twitter account. In a picture of Goddess Durga, the adored goddess of Indian Hindus, the face of Mother Durga was replaced by Lat Bain Ari's face through Photoshop.

According to sources, Lat Bain Ori in the film is against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Lat Bain Arie is currently facing corruption charges. So Benjamin's son Yair Netanyahu shared such a picture of him.

There was a storm of condemnation among Indians after Yar Netanyahu shared this picture from his Twitter account. In the midst of growing controversy, Ya Netanyahu quickly deleted his post. He also tweeted an apology from Indian Hindus.

In a subsequent tweet, Yar Netanyahu said, ‘I shared a meme in one of my posts in the context of the Israeli political debate. But I did not know that the picture I gave was of any spirituality to the Hindus.

Apologies to Ya Netanyahu

He added, ‘Whenever I find out about this photo from my Indian friends, I delete this tweet. I apologize for this incident. At the same time, I apologize to the Indian Hindus. “I love India, Joy Hind,” he said.