Istanbul's claim that Mohanbagan was reluctant to accept Ileague champions this year should be void.


This year, Ileague has stopped midway due to the Corona virus. And the situation that has arisen in the country right now is very unlikely to resume iLig. In this case, every Aelig game club on behalf of the AAFF has been asked what they think.

Commenting on the matter, Eastbengal CEO Sanjeev Sen said that this year's iLeague should be invalidated. That is, the East Bengal club wants Mohanbagan not to be an Ileague champion this time. That is why East Bengal CEO Sanjeev Sen has said that the championship prize of I-League for this year should be distributed evenly to each club of the two league teams of Tk 25.5 million.

A few days ago, the AFC sent a congratulatory message announcing Mohanbagan as the Ileague Champion. As a result, the claim that East Bengal is completely unimportant is being taken. On the other hand, this time, the Spanish midfielder Fran Gonzales of Mohanbagan posted on the social site that we had become an I-League champion just over a month ago, and he dug Eastbengal anonymously and wrote that he would lose again if given the chance.

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