It is a directive that the poor give food to the poor and not to selfies

Banglahunt Desk: Coronavirus is like an epidemic. Almost all are closed. Poor people lack food, what they eat. The administration has taken the responsibility of handing over food to them. 'I helped over 5 people in the sanitation office of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. It has been my wish for a long time. It's great to do today. ”On Saturday, Big Boss celebrity actress Himaja along with other Big Boss fame Ashu Reddy took pictures of the help provided by staff at Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Then the moral question that has arisen again is that it is good to help people in the worst of times, but how reasonable is it to put that picture on social media? Is it really helping people or promoting themselves? In this situation, Ashok Gehlot, Rajasthan's Chief Minister, took a firm stand in posting pictures.

Even celebrities across the country are not going out of the competition. Many of them are helping out, some of them have masks on their faces, nobody has them on their faces. But with the help of the picture is coming up. Social media is growing larger than the help of untrained people. So the Rajasthan government is thinking that this fashion should stop this time. Corona blockade is now the most important thing in the country, not picture propaganda.

Not only in Rajasthan (Rajasthan), this picture is seen all over the country. It also appears in Bengali. A few days ago, a young Bengali woman wrote on social media, 'Dad's factory is closed. Eating doesn't work. I saw a picture of my father on social media. The father is bowing down, taking the pulse. For the first time in life… 'After that post the criticism started but nothing has changed. Attempts to preach in the name of help are being made at every moment.

It has been directed by the Rajasthan government, that no photographs can be taken or shared if it is given to the people to provide food and help the needy people in any need. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said, “It is our responsibility to help people at this time, not to contest their campaign by taking pictures.

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