It is a strange punishment to be accused of indecency, Rakhi must be worn by the torturer


BanglaHunt Desk: On the day of Rakhi, an example of a strange incident came up from Madhya Pradesh. The judge gave a strange punishment on the charge of indecency. Many have been surprised to hear that. However, Justice Rohit Arya, a member of the Indore bench of the Madhya Pradesh High Court, wanted to teach the guilty person through this new type of punishment.

Incident details

A few days ago. On April 20, a young man named Vikram Bagri broke into the house of a 30-year-old woman in Ujjain area, 55 km from Indore. When the woman filed a diary at the police station, a case was filed under section 354 in the name of the accused.

Judge's judgment

The trial of that incident was going on. At the end of the trial, Justice Rohit Arya gave a strange verdict. He said that the accused had to go to the house of the victim with his wife at 11 am on the day of Rakhi on August 3 and read the Rakhi in her hand. In addition, Rs 11,000 in cash as a gift and Rs 5,000 worth of clothes and sweets for the woman's son should also be bought and taken away.

The complainant must be protected

We have to make a promise on the day of Rakhi, to keep that woman safe for the rest of our lives, to protect her from all dangers. After hearing this strange punishment, many people think that the judge forced the accused to pay compensation through this punishment.