Italian PM welcomes women to fight against Corona, calls for more female advisers to committee

BanglaHunt Desk: Women are now equally skilled in all fields. This time there will be no more gender inequality, everyone will get equal rights. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti has called for more female members to be appointed to the COVID-19 committee. Conti wants to reveal the role of women's power.

Conti wants to increase the number of female members Prime Minister Conti wants more female members of the Italian parliament. He wanted to welcome the power of women. Corona is currently in the committee to deal with the situation, so more female senators have been expressed.

The government will benefit if women members are appointed “More experts need to be appointed to the expert committee,” said Vittorio Colao, chairman of the committee tasked with planning the post-quarantine recovery in County Italy. Those who are qualified and qualified from the professional side should be appointed in this committee. The government will benefit a lot from this. ”

He added that the civil protection agency should appoint “more female members” to the technical-scientific committee on the corona virus. “All ministers are being informed so that they do not discriminate on the basis of gender in the formation of various executive groups,” he said, referring to all ministers working against the corona virus.

Number of women in the Senate So far, 14 men and eight women have held the main portfolios of the government. And there are 320 seats in the Senate, of which 112 are women.