ITBP and CRPF showing patriotism: 3,000 masks are made every day


BanglaHunt Desk: The Corona Virus (COVID-19) causes panic around the world. In this situation, people from different levels of the country have come forward to protect the citizens. The country's security forces are not behind this. This time ITBP and CRPF personnel have come forward to protect the citizens. ITBP is dedicated to making low-cost PPE suits and masks. The Army is making low cost PPE suits and masks at the SS Patilion Center of ITBP in New Delhi. The PPE suite made by ITBP is priced at Tk 3 and three-tier mask is only Tk 5.

Viewed ITBP-generated masks and PPEs from AIMS as well. According to AIMS, these are low-cost but high-quality products. In addition to ITBP, CRPF personnel have started making PPE and masks. Ordinary people have got up so that they do not have any problems. A large number of masks and PPE suites are currently being developed at CRPF's camp in Delhi. Working for 24 hours, they are producing 3-5 thousand masks and 3-5 PPE suites daily.

In this regard, CRPF IG Raju Vergab said, “CRPF is the biggest power in the country. First, because of the mask crisis, let's start making them. Then the machine was purchased. The mask making machine that we are using can make up to 1 million masks per day. However, in the beginning, 3-5 thousand masks are being made. In addition to these CRPF products, we offer these to any hospital or NGO. We are doing this to stand by the common people in times of crisis. '

About the safety of the jawans working in the hotspot area, he said, “About 5,000 CRPF jawans are working in Delhi. Protecting the citizens. So we use masks, gloves, sanitizers to protect them. We are also sanitizing our various camps. Distance is also being made for the jawans to stay and bed. We are doing everything to protect them. '

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