Jackfruit is not just a film, it is a living proof of bad habit of police-politicians and media.


कटहल सिर्फ एक फिल्म नहीं, पुलिस-पॉलिटिशियन्स और मीडिया की बिगड़ चुकी आदत का जीता-जागता प्रमाण है

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Sanya Malhotra Movie Kathal: sanya malhotra movie on netflix Jackfruit has been here for two weeks and Film The discussion is being seen everywhere. This story is not only of today’s era but this story tells how democracy has been cheated for decades and some leaders sitting on the chair have made it their fiefdom. People were cheated in the name of public service and people got used to it.

Everyone knows how the condition of the police is in today’s era. Turning any matter unheard of, torturing the poor, torturing the rulers, all these things have become part of the daily routine of the police. That’s why in today’s era the policemen are even called government goons. And those who want to work honestly are sidelined.

What kind of image of the policemen shown in Kathal?

In the movie Kathal, the policemen are shown exactly as the work is actually done at the ground level. If you go to the police station to file a complaint, it is common for the policemen to treat you lightly, to ignore the case or to make innocent people go round and round.

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Now what can be more unfortunate than this that in the film, when the gardener goes to write a complaint about his daughter’s missing, he is completely ignored, on the other hand, the owner of the same gardener’s missing jackfruit is on the head of the policemen. The pain of The priority can be clearly seen here.

tyranny of legislators

It is said that no simple person can sit in power. For that, the norms are ready in the society. There is no academic qualification criteria. If there is any criterion then it is that how is your influence in the society. How much is your arrogance? If you see Vijay Raj’s character in real life as shown in this film too, you will not be surprised.

Don’t know how many innocent people are tortured every day across the country. Petty theft or snatching is common. But only a common man knows how many papads he has to make to register an FIR at a police station. But if a big leader comes with a complaint, then action is taken on his case with immediate effect.

media arbitrariness

Rajpal Yadav has played the role of a news reporter in the film. Media is also involved in the important issues that have been attacked in this film. How the coverage is being done in this era of media and the issues which are being given priority are not hidden from the general public. The character of Rajpal Yadav also makes the missing of a MLA’s Uncle Hong Jackfruit a sensation leaving big news around the world.

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Which director made the film?

Jackfruit film has been made by director Yashovardhan Mishra. He has not made many films in his career till now, but in the beginning of his career, he has shown the mirror of the society to the people with light-hearted entertainment. Through the film, he has hit many targets with one stone. Fans are very fond of this film and are seen praising it. Kathal film is such a satire in which everything is happening in the society and has been happening for the last several decades.

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