Jacqueline's minimalist bodybuilding, viral video at the moment


BanglaHunt Desk: It has been a long time since he has set foot in Bollywood. But he did not work in any of the films. However, all of the films that have done so much popularity among cinema lovers. Talking about Jacqueline Fernandez (jacqueline fernandez). He entered the acting world with the film Aladdin. Although not such a popularity, Jacqueline's career began shortly thereafter. He got a big break against Imran Hashmi.

Apart from acting, Jacqueline is also very popular on social media. He occasionally shares various video videos on his Instagram handle. Ticketke is also a very active actress. But this time, Jacqueline has gone viral with videos of bodybuilding. A video of his stretching has been shared on a popular Insta handle.

In the video, the actress is practicing bodybuilding in a very pink dress. He is stretching the body in a simple way. Jacqueline's fit body and figure are a source of envy for many at the altar. And to keep himself fit, it is important to say that he exercises regularly. The actress shared her own body video with her fans. Already over 1 million views have been made in this video. The netizens also filled Jacqueline with praise.

In the meantime, Jacqueline occasionally shares various pictures and videos. Earlier, he had to face criticism of netizens by sharing pictures of lingerie. However, Jacqueline did not respond to any of their comments. He has shared pictures of lingerie or bikini many times before. Those pictures have gone viral. Jacqueline Fernandez shared the screen with several Bollywood celebrities including Imran Hashmi, Salman Khan. However, he does not appear to be acting in any film at the moment. He was recently seen on a webserver called 'Drive'. Sushant Singh Rajput was opposite him.

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