Jahnavi remembered the last meeting with his mother, Sridevi, who was shaking her head


BanglaHunt Desk: The mystery of Sridevi's death is still shrouded in mystery. Many times many people have made many demands. Many people commented that the death of the actress is not normal. In fact, Sridevi's sudden demise moved many.
Everyone still remembers the brilliant presence of the actress. Sridevi's eldest daughter Jahnavi Kapoor still can't believe she doesn't have a mother. The mother's touch still remains in the whole house. So Jahnavi has kept her mother's presence alive on social media.

Once on director Karan Johar's talk show Coffee with Karan, Jahnavi told what had happened between mother and daughter the day before Sridevi's death. February 24, 2018 Sridevi died in Dubai. He was supposed to go to Dubai on the occasion of a relative's wedding. Bonnie Kapoor and her youngest daughter Khushi went with her.

Jahnavi was then very busy with the shooting of his debut film Dharak. So he did not get married with his family. However, she insisted on going to her mother, said the actress. He said Sridevi was busy packing the night before she left for Dubai. Then he went to his daughter's house. Jahnavi was half asleep at that time.

In the middle of his sleep, Jahnavi could understand that his mother was slowly turning her hand on his head. Then he fell into a deep sleep. Jahnavi could not have a good time with Sridevi as there was shooting very early the next day.
Jahnavi could not believe the news of Sridevi's death. Mother could not see the first picture of acting life. That is why Jahnabi has kept her mother's memory alive through her childhood photos on social media.