Jamal farmers occupy the toll plaza of Kartal and Panipath, the barrier is broken! The car is moving freely


Bangla Hunt Desk: The farmers' organizations announced to make the whole country toll free from December 12. In the same vein, the farmers who were protesting in Colonel and Panipath of Haryana seized Bastara Toll Plaza and Panipath Toll Plaza from Friday night and broke the barrier. Farmers have been traveling freely without vehicle duty since taking over the toll plaza. Police administration was not seen at the scene.

Farmers became active on Friday morning with Bastara on the National Highway of the district and Toll Plaza on the Colonel-Jind Marg. The farmers reached the spot and appealed to the company officials to stop the toll on Saturday. The toll authority then informed the decision after the National Highways Authority made the diagnosis. The farmers' demand was also communicated to the National Highways Authority and local authorities.

Then DC Nishant Kumar Yadav said to deploy a lot of police at the toll plaza on Saturday morning. But before that, a large number of farmers from Punjab and Haryana reached Bastara Toll Plaza at midnight on Friday. Whenever they leave after being toll free there, the authorities start taking tolls again. Then the farmers reached there again and broke the barrier. After that, the agitating farmers also occupied Panipath Toll Plaza and made it toll free.

On the other hand, Gurmukh Singh, all-India president of the Annadata Indian Kisan Union, said the decision was taken to close the Loni border on December 13. Haryana and Uttar Pradesh farmers' organizations are holding a meeting on this. According to the strategy, the farmers will march towards Loni Border Road. He said they would also fire two big industrialists during the toll demonstration. They also plan to hold demonstrations in 14 districts.