Japan, India’s ally against Corona, and Tokyo will supply oxygen

Banglahant Desk: Japan is now India’s ally to meet the oxygen shortage. Several powerful countries of the world including America, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France, Russia, Bangladesh have stood by India like friends in this day of crisis. At one time, India helped the whole world with medicines and necessary medical supplies. This time the whole world has come forward like a friend on the day of India’s danger. Helping with various necessary medical supplies including oxygen.

As soon as the second wave of corona hit India, there was a cry for oxygen all around. At the same time, there is famine in the hospital beds. In this situation, different countries have come and stood by India. Liquid oxygen has already arrived in India from several countries with the necessary medical supplies. This time Japan also stood by India’s dangerous day.

International relations analysts said India’s role in the Corona affair was crucial. Besides, India is the largest producer of vaccines in the world. India also sent home-grown vaccines to various countries for free. So, keeping in mind those days, in this situation of India, America, France, Russia and other countries of the world have come forward to help. In the same way, this time the ally Japan also stood by India.

Satoshi Suzuki, Japan’s ambassador to India, said, “Japan will do its best to help India in its difficult times. In the event of this crisis in India, 300 oxygen generators and 300 ventilators will go from Japan.