Japan's extreme preparations against China, made a big announcement


BanglaHunt Desk: Seeing India's power in the border area, Kupokat China (China). But this time, after India, China has started to cut its knees even after seeing the power of Japan. Japan is building an antiship missile that will be able to dust off enemy warships from afar. The missile will also monitor enemy warships.

The Japanese government has said it will use the missile to protect the southwestern part of the island of Okinawa. Because, China has repeatedly tried to establish its dominance on this island in the South China Sea. China has repeatedly expressed its aggressive nature. So, it is becoming clear that this time Japan is going to give a strong blow to China. Just as India struck China in the border area, this time India's ally Japan is gearing up to subdue China.

Japan's defense minister has hinted that when the time comes, Japan will teach its enemies. This antiship missile will further strengthen Japan's war arsenal. Every step taken by China can be monitored through this antiship missile. As a result, before China can take any action, Japan should be able to teach.

And last but not least, the Japanese government has announced plans to replace its old two warships with old Aegis radar systems and install new and high-powered radars. This new system will be at least 3 times more powerful than the old one. The new system will also help determine the exact location of ballistic missiles fired from North Korea. As a result, Japan's missiles will be able to target China.

It has also launched a new generation of multi-mission warships to deal a major blow to China, which will further strengthen maritime security. In 2016, Japan started building this warship. Japan has taken time till 2032 to prepare 20 such warships. Work is in full swing.