Javed Akhtar speaks for the first time about Tanishq's advertisement, netizens advise him to keep quiet

Bangla Hunt Desk: Jewelry brand Tanishq has drawn public outrage on social media and removed its Inter-faith family ad on Tuesday following a boycott campaign. Advertising is still practiced on various social media platforms, including Twitter. On the one hand, some people have seen this advertisement as a promotion of profit jihad, on the other hand, many people have found real secularism in this advertisement. Many have asked again, does Tanishq have the courage to show this ad in the exact opposite way? This time the famous lyricist Javed Akhtar tweeted about this, due to which he became the target of trolls.

One user shared a picture of the ad and tweeted, “Tanishq's ad: When you say you won't have a truthful discussion, you get a response that's amazing.” Nothing will happen just by being angry, structural support should be received and it should be resolved. ”

In response to this tweet, Javed Akhtar wrote, ‘The presence of some people during an inter-religious wedding, whether in movies, commercials or in real life, causes problems, there is always resentment on the part of the bride. This resentment is shown in such a way that women seem to own property. Outraged people treat the groom and the groom's family as if they were cattle thieves in a village. ”

After this tweet, Javed Akhtar had to face the protests of the people. Many are asking her why she doesn't tweet when the tragic fate of Hindu women who are victims of profit jihad? Again, many are telling him that you should not open your mouth about this.