Javed Akhtar tweets 'controversial', 'controversial' tweet


BanglaHunt Desk: Well known lyricist Javed Akhtar (javed akhtar) is known as an outspoken person in Bollywood. He was never seen hesitating to express his social and political views and opinions. Recently, he has become vocal about playing Azan to Mike. According to him, the matter is very 'inconvenient'. The sharp criticism started to express his attitude in the tweet. In his view, Javed Akhtar has responded to all the criticisms in a very logical way.

Javed Akhtar wrote in a tweet, ‘For almost 50 years in India, it has been forbidden to play the call to prayer. Then it becomes halal and it is so much that there is no limit to it. Azan is good, but doing it to Mike can be a problem for others. '

After that, some of the lyricists started criticizing. One Twitter user retorted, “We have hymns in the temple every day. What do you say now? ’Javed writes in reply,‘ Whether it is a temple or a mosque, it is okay to play the mic on the occasion of a festival. But every day it should not be in the temple nor in the mosque. Azan has been without a mic for over a thousand years. It's a part of faith. “

Even then the criticism did not stop. Another tweeted that he would not comment on anything related to Islam and its beliefs. Javed Akhtar countered, ‘So you mean those who have been saying that it is haraam to play the azan on the mic for 50 years were wrong? If you want, I am willing to say the names of those wise people. '