Jeans T-shirt banned by Maharashtra government, new dress code issued


The Maharashtra government has issued dress codes in government offices. From now on, jeans, t-shirts and slippers have been banned for government employees in the state. According to the government's directive, it is forbidden to wear clothes with “deep colors and strange patterns or pictures”.

Women should wear kurta or shirt and dupatta with sari, salwar, churidar-kurta or trousers. Men are instructed to wear trousers and shirts. Workers are advised to wear khadi once a week. Instead of slippers, women should wear slippers, sandals or shoes, men should wear shoes or sandals.

Incidentally, this is not the first time that any government has issued a dress code. Earlier this year, the Madhya Pradesh government issued a notification banning government officials and employees of the state's Gwalior division from wearing jeans and T-shirts and asking them to wear “dignified, modest and formal attire”.

In 2012, the Bihar government issued a similar dress code. The directive banned the wearing of jeans and T-shirts at the state secretariat. Instead, they were asked to wear “simple and light-colored clothing” in their office.

In 2016, the then Rajasthan government came up with a dress code for students, asking them to wear salwar kameez or sari instead of “western attire” on college campuses. The rule was scrapped after receiving numerous complaints from students.