Jhuma Baudi takes Monopolis and Thakurpod by storm

Bengali Hunt Desk: Jhuma Baudi (Monalisa Antara Biswas), the superstar of Bhojpuri cinema and also known as Dupur Thakurpo of Bengal, has been making headlines on social media for almost a day due to her pictures and videos. Her fans are also eagerly waiting for her pictures and videos. This time a video of him is going viral on social media. The video shows Mona Lisa pole dancing.

In the video, Mona Lisa is seen swinging her waist to Katrina Kaif's famous song “Kamali Kamali”. Sharing the video on Instagram, Mona Lisa captioned it, ‘Kamli Kamli Dance Rehearsal Bigg Boss 14. Practice doing something wrong. ” This video shows a choreographer with the Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa shared a video of the dance on Instagram. The video has received over 14,000 likes so far. Everyone is praising the Mona Lisa in the comments.