Jio is bringing 5g phone for only 2500 rupees, find out what will be in this phone

Jio is going to launch a new smartphone simultaneously with Google. Some important information about this phone has already been revealed. In the meantime, the price of the new Geo phone. Geo will make 200 million phones in the next two years. It costs about ড 54. It can cost around Rs 4,000 in Indian rupees.

However, it is known from another source that the price of this phone from Geo will be reduced to Rs 4,000 for the first time. The source claims that Geo can reduce the price of this phone to two and a half thousand rupees. Let's not know what's on this phone?

According to a Bloomberg report, the new Geo phone is an upgraded version of the old Geo phone. However, this phone will probably not run on KaiOS operating system like the previous two Geo phones. This phone may have Android operating system.

This phone will have 4g as well as 5g on Google's Android operating system. Although this phone from Geo is pocket friendly like other phones, Geo does not want to compromise in terms of features. Discussions have already started with various mobile manufacturers

Let me inform you, even before this, Geo brought two Geo phones. Geo Phone 1 also got quite a response. This phone was quite responsive by making the traditional feature phone smart. The price was also extremely low. Geo Phone on the other hand came with two quad keypads. Despite being similar, it did not get much response. The price was around 3 thousand rupees.