Jio Mart will deliver the product to the house from today, find out the details


BanglaHunt Desk: Three days have passed since the merger of jio and Facebook. From today, you can book jio mart products on WhatsApp. Find out the details.

To order from JioMart, customers need to add JioMart's WhatsApp number 88500 08000 to their phone. JioMart will send a link to the customer's WhatsApp chat window. Which is valid for 30 minutes. Clicking on the link will take the user to a new page where he has to give his address and phone number, then be able to order products from the catalog. In addition to Reliance Retail's own products, a few more products will be available.

After the final order is placed it is shared with the local grocery store on WhatsApp. The customer will get a notification along with the order and details of Kirana / Geomart store. The customer will also receive an alert after paying the grocery order bill.

At present only cash can be transacted and the customer has to take his order from the store. There are going to be some changes in this case in the coming days. The joint venture between Geo Mart and WhatsApp has been launched in Navi Mumbai, Kalyan and Thane in the Mumbai suburbs for the time being. Geo will soon launch its own retail business across the country.

According to Jio, small businesses will also be accustomed to digital shopping with the pairing of Geomart and WhatsApp. In the event of a lockdown or future crisis, customers will be able to order items online. A new horizon of digital business will open in the country. The livelihood of small traders will not be affected. Second, customers also have benefits. Everyday necessities will come in handy while sitting at home. As Geomart is the platform of Reliance Geo, the offer will continue at different times.