Joe Biden's ancestors lived in this part of India, the US President himself said

Joe Biden has lost to Donald Trump in the recent elections and is sitting in the masnad of USA Muluk. The newly elected US President himself has repeatedly said that he will join India. He said his ancestors lived in India.

He was born on November 20, 1942, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Father Joseph Robinet Biden Sr. Mother Catherine Eugenia Finnegan is of Irish descent. In 1982, at the age of 30, he was elected the fifth youngest senator in American history. That's when he received the letter with lots of greetings.

One of those letters was from another Biden. However, he is not a US citizen He is a resident of Mumbai, a commercial city in India. He came to India in 2013 while he was the US Vice President in 2013 and shared this at a business meeting in Mumbai. It was there that he said his superior fifth man came to Mumbai (then Bombay). He later married an Indian woman and settled down here.

In another meeting, he said that his ancestor George Biden was the captain of the East India Company's ship. Although history says that it was not George but his grandfather Christopher who stayed in India. Calcutta is joined by Christopher's son Herecio. Biden is said to have been the head teacher of La Martiniya. However, that information has not yet been established. However, Professor Tim Wilsi, a guest professor at King's College London, claims in his article 'Gateway House'. Christopher is probably Joe Biden's ancestor.