Jofra Archer surgery: Jofra Archer underwent 5th surgery in 25 months, left Belgium with MI


Jofra Archer surgery: जोफ्रा आर्चर ने 25 महीने में कराई 5वीं सर्जरी, MI का साथ छोड़ गए थे बेल्जियम

Jofra Archer IPL 2023: After playing the match on 2 April, Archer again remained out of the next 4 matches of Mumbai Indians. He played his second match of the season 20 straight days later on 22 April against Punjab Kings

jofra archer went to belgium for surgery

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New Delhi: In IPL 2023, Mumbai Indians have played 7 matches so far. But, Joffra Archer played only 2 matches. Do you know why? Actually, behind this he had another surgery. For which he left Mumbai Indians and went to Belgium in the middle of the 16th season. According to a report in The Telegraph, he went to Belgium earlier this month after a problem with his right elbow, where he underwent a minor surgery.

It is being told that due to the same surgery, Joffra Archer stayed away from the initial matches of Mumbai Indians. In IPL 2023, he played his first match against RCB, in which he could not take a wicket after scoring 33 runs.

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First match played on April 2, then remained ‘missing’ for 20 days

After playing the first match on 2 April, Archer was again out of the next 4 matches of Mumbai Indians. He played his second match in the season after 20 days directly against Punjab Kings on 22 April. In this match, he took 1 wicket for 42 runs. But, after this he was rested again in the next match against Gujarat Titans.

The next match of Mumbai Indians is from Rajasthan Royals. Will Archer play in that match or not. Nothing is clear about that either. In such a situation, not only the Mumbai Indians but also the England cricket team is tense. England has to play the Ashes with Australia, with 6-7 weeks left to count.

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