Joy Ahsan is feeding his dog on the streets of Lockdown with meat in his hand


BanglaHunt Desk: Deadly coronary virus has spread widely in the world. One country after another is going to this terrible virus. China, Italy, Iran crossed India and did not kill. And the central and state governments built tightly to avoid its horrors. Lockdown is happening all over the country. That is how it will hang until April 5th.
At the stop, there is mass transport, most of the shops closed. Only emergency services are open.
Almost all the people are under house arrest.
But the poor people on the sidewalk are in crisis. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed to the countrymen to provide food and medical treatment to the people they need. Prime Minister's relief fund for PM Coroner PM Care has started. Many stars have raised funds by responding to Modi's call. But the thought is not just about people. There was also a crisis with food for dogs on the way. In this situation, Mimi Chakraborty, an MP from Jadavpur, has applied for them to be a little human. According to him, arrangements were made to feed the dogs from the party at several places in the Jadavpur Lok Sabha constituency.

Recently, Srilekha Mitra was criticized for posting videos of feeding dogs on the way. But even so, he did not slow down. This time El Joya Ahsan's video was released He was also seen eating street dogs. But not in this country, but in Upper Bengal. There is a lockdown going on in India as well. In this situation, Jaya has taken responsibility for eating at least 4 dogs in her own hand cooked rice. This is his daily routine from March 25. The actress is seen feeding dogs every day in Iskaton Garden, Dilrod, Moghbazar area after masks and gloves.

Though Joy did not share himself, the picture of his venture has spread on social media. Jaya Ahsan shared the video of caring for trees on the balcony of the house. He was accompanied by his granddaughter. He also said that his detention was getting worse.

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