Jugaad’s father? The cot was made into a four wheeler, but Mahindra was not impressed


Cot Vehicle Video: जुगाड़ का बाप? खटिया को बना दी चार पहिया गाड़ी, लेकिन महिंद्रा नहीं हुए इम्प्रेस

cot made four wheelerImage Credit source: Twitter/@drravikiran9

Cot Vehicle Video: These days a motorized vehicle is on social media. four wheel cot The video has created a lot of panic. Seeing this, people are calling the maker ‘the biggest jugaad’ and the desi ‘father of jugaad’. But as people expected that after watching this video of Desi Jugaad, the country’s veteran businessman Anand Mahindra Will be impressed, that has not happened. Rather, he has termed this innovation as ‘Prank Jugaad’. Why did the chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra Group say this, before that let’s see Video,

In the video, you can see that a young man reaches the petrol pump in his four-wheel cot, seeing which even the pump staff are stunned. After this the young man says, let’s go on the long driver. Then he makes his friend sit on the cot and makes such a fuss that don’t even ask. Those who share the video are calling it a wonderful innovation. He believes that this jugaad can prove to be a boon for the people of the village in case of emergency. However, this did not impress the industrialist Mahindra, an ardent fan of desi jugaad. For now, watch this video.

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Watch the video here, the young man made a four wheeler out of a cot

Industrialist Mahindra has tweeted a quote to the video and wrote, it looks like a prank jugaad. Apart from this, it also violates the rules. However, he has also said that who knows it can also become a lifesaver in extreme conditions in remote areas.

Mahindra told ‘prank jugaad’

One user has written, the good thing is that both the rich and the poor are thinking of using technology to solve the problems. This is welcome. At the same time, another user has written, although safety is also important. Another user has commented, this guy turned out to be the father of Jugaad.

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