Juhi Chawla shared the picture on Peacock's business city


BanglaHunt Desk: Deadly coronary virus has spread widely in the world. One country after another is going to this terrible virus. The World Health Organization or the World Health Organization has just declared the pandemic. China, Italy, Iran crossed India and did not kill. And the central and state governments built tightly to avoid its horrors.
Recently, Prime Minister Modi announced that lockdown would be observed across the country till April 7. Outside the barnyard, strict sanctions have been imposed. In this situation, all are detained. And wildlife is taking advantage of that opportunity. People are all imprisoned in homes. Therefore, wildlife is freely roaming the empty streets. There was such a lot of news, pictures coming up all over the world.

This time the national bird was found in the trading city. On lockdown, peacocks were seen walking around the cityless streets of Mumbai. Actress Juhi Chawla shared the same photo on social media. The scene was also captured by photographer Manav Manglani. In the picture, the party is tied up and walking on the road. Netizens are also surprised to see this scene. They have never seen a scene in Mumbai that everyone has confessed to in private. Many commented that all these nature lilas.

The images have traditionally gone viral on social media. Earlier, in the Calicut district of Kerala, Civitas of Malabar was found, again in Dededpur. Everyone is surprised to see this extinct animal again. Not only Kerala, the rich deer were seen on the road to Chandigarh. Everybody has seen eye to eye with such trepidation. Environmentalists say these events are only due to environmental pollution reduction.

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