Just an excuse for foreigners, they are mentally very weak; Dada smoked foreign cricketers


Bangla Hunt Desk: The ICC has started cricket with various adversities in the corona virus all over the world. However, even after starting cricket, all the people associated with cricket have to follow strict rules. Cricketers have to stay in the bio-safety zone for months. From the hotel to the field again from the field to the hotel, there is no opportunity to go anywhere else. Needless to say, this has increased the stress on the cricketers. A few days ago, India captain Virat Kohli expressed his anger over this rule.

This time BCCI President Sourav Ganguly opened his mouth in this regard. He said Indians are more tolerant than foreigners. On this day Maharaj said, I have played a lot of cricket for a long time and have mingled with many foreign cricketers. And that’s why I understand that foreigners are much weaker mentally than Indians. They often make excuses for being depressed. In that respect, the mental capacity of Indians is much higher. ”

Referring to cricket in the Corona situation, Ganguly said the long six-seven months have changed the lives of players, especially cricketers. They can’t go wherever they want, they have to continue their game from within the complete biological protection zone. That is why many cricketers were suffering from mental depression, especially among foreigners. Because other countries have canceled multiple tours in the Corona situation. From that point of view, India has not canceled any tour. India have played one series after another in the safety zone for a long time and India have won the series.