Just as Lord Rama lost the demon king Ravana, so will we lose Corona: British Prime Minister

Bangla Hunt Desk: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the way Lord Rama lost the demon Raj Ravana and returned with his wife Sita Mata, and millions of lamps were lit to welcome them. In exactly the same way we will win against Corona in Diwali this year. In his message from the Prime Minister's Office, Johnson said the Indian community has made a lot of sacrifices to celebrate the protected Diwali, and has also co-operated with the administration to fight the epidemic.

Regarding the celebration of Virtual Diwali by Indians, the British Prime Minister said, “I know it is not possible to celebrate the festival away from your loved ones.” Even at a time when you want to have fun with your friends, the horns want to share the rose jamun. Johnson praised the Indians for their sacrifice and determination, saying the effort was inspiring.

British Prime Minister Johnson said there were “definitely bigger challenges ahead”. But I believe a lot in people's determination, strength and ability to fight and intelligence. We must win against this disease. “Diwali teaches us that in darkness there is light, ignorance and good triumph over evil,” he said. Johnson has appealed to everyone to make the second season lockdown in England a success. The new lockdown will last until December two.