Just became a millionaire by cultivating watermelon, giving 20 people a living


Banglahunt Desk: Hajipur Bihar Rohit took over the responsibility of earning the watermelon along with himself by cultivating watermelon on about 5 acres of land. Although he studied in the Sainik School, he chose the path of farming. During the melon season he sold more than 3 truckloads of watermelons and made more than Rs 1 lakh.

Rohit, 28, works eight to ten hours a day in his field. He produces watermelons, melons, cucumbers and bananas. Of the 20 workers who worked with him, seven worked with him on a regular basis. He cultivates watermelon in the drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation is, in fact, a special method of irrigation where water and fertilizers are stored. In this method, water drop-by-drop drops into the roots of the plant. For this purpose a network of valves, pipes, tubes and emitters is to be installed. Also called 'drip irrigation' or 'drop-drop irrigation'. With this irrigation the crop also produces good and quality. Apart from training, Rohit has also given full attention to crop marketing. His watermelons were sent not only to Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh but also to Bangladesh.

Rohit said he studied from a school in Sujanpur in Himachal Pradesh up to Class XII. His father wanted to make him an officer, but Rohit had a mind of social service. He told The Better India, “Meeting unemployed youths in Hajipur at first seemed to do something for them. Farming was the best way to do this. I am very happy to be able to do something for the society today. '

Rohit reports that his father, Nand Kishore Singh, was angry with him for some time. They did not consider farming and agriculture as profitable. Rohit said, 'My father was a farmer himself. However, he did farming in the traditional way. In such cases the cost, labor and time were high, but production was very low. But I decided to do farming as a scientific way and as a business. It took the youth of the village along. Ultimately, our efforts succeeded. There was some change in people's thinking towards farming. ' By setting up camps in Hajipur, Saran and Muzaffarpur for this purpose, they have been able to convince about two to three thousand youths about farming.

Rohit is focusing on his farming, marketing, technology as well as agriculture clinics across Bihar to address the problems that other farmers are facing in their agricultural fields. The Bihar government has assured him of assistance in this work.

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