Just remember Mahadev Shiva in this way, happy days will return to the world

BanglaHunt Desk: Baba Mahadev is the supreme deity among Hindus. He is the source of these three causes of creation-status-rhythm. He will give the past of darkness, the beginning and the endless. Devadidev Mahadev. One God is absolutely revered by all people. He was satisfied with very little devotion. His fans are spread all over the world.

If he asks his father for something with pure devotion, the father does not return his devotee empty-handed. Dad fulfills everyone's desires. That is why many people go to Tarakeswar in addition to performing Shivaratri and pour water on their father's head to satisfy him.

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So the first thing to do to satisfy Bholebaba is to wear clean clothes. After bathing, the head of Shivling falls in clean clothes Water and honey Wash well and then pour the milk. By the grace of the father, there will be no problems in the family life, there will be improvement in the job.

Mahadev is very happy. A little Flowers, bel leaves He became happy as soon as he worshiped his father.

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In the case of flowers, the father does not like colorful flowers at all. However Dhutura and Akanda flowers But Dad's very favorite. However Bell fruit flowersHe is a very favorite flower of Baba Mahadev.

Again BellBut it is a very favorite fruit of the father. This bell is but a symbol of absolute longevity. So you can also offer bell fruit to the father wishing longevity to the family members.

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Place in a bowl of prasad Laddu, curd, pitte-puli, And more milk made with sugar. These are the favorite food of Baba Mahadev.