Kangana hikes Manali's snow-covered hills with Baudi, all viral pictures


BanglaHunt Desk: Kangana Ranaut has returned to her home in Manali after shooting in South India. A few days ago a new member came to the family. Dada Akshat has been married recently. This time Kangana went hiking in the snow covered hills with the new Baudi Ritu.

Kangana, Didi Rangoli Chandel and Baudi Ritu went hiking in the snow-covered hills of Manali on the occasion of Christmas. Nephew Prithvi was also with him. The actress spent a whole day arguing with her family. There was also a picnic.

Kangana has shared all those pictures on her social media handle. He added that Baudi Ritu is an expert on Instagram. So he is learning everything from Baudi. The three were seen posing for the camera with smiles.

Kangana also shared some pictures on the occasion of her mother's birthday recently. He writes that on everyone's birthday, his mother gets up in the morning and prepares various dishes and worships him. But her point is to ask what can be done on her birthday, she is no longer young, she is a mother.

Kangana celebrates Christmas this year in her luxurious home. The first time Baudi Ritu came to his house. Kangana also said that Rangoli made carrot pudding on this occasion.

Incidentally, at the moment, Kangana is training hard for the action scene of 'Dhakar'. He recently shared a video of himself training with his trainer on social media. He has started training back in Manali. Kangana also met Defense Minister Rajnath Singh for his other film 'Tejas'. He also took some special permission by showing the script of the film.

Incidentally, it was learned that Kangana Ranaut is going to start shooting for Tejas in December. He will play the role of an Indian Air Force pilot. On the other hand, Kangana is going to be seen as a spy in the movie Dhakar.