Kangana Ranaut is seen in the movie 'Bold' with almost bare breasts


BanglaHunt Desk: She is the 'Queen' in the world of acting. It can be said that he has created a different brand in Bollywood. You are right, I am talking about Queen Kangana Ranawat. There is nothing new to say about his acting talent. Kangana has shown her acting skills in one film after another like Queen, Manikarnika, Tanu Wades Manu, Judgmental Hai Keya.

However, Kangana was not seen much in Bold Look even though she did a lot of photoshoots besides acting. He is more comfortable in local or formal attire. But this time he has left his 'comfort zone'.

Recently, the actress has been caught in 'Hot' and 'Bold' avatars. In this photo taken by star photographer Dabu Ratnani, it is seen that Kangana has been captured on camera in a black dress. The upper half is naked, the eyes of the netizens are on seeing this look of the actress.

Incidentally, a few days ago, some pictures of college life were posted on Kangna's official Insta handle. These are all pictures 2003 Of the year. At that time Kangana was studying in DAV 15 Girls School in Chandigarh.

Kangana was seen with her college friends in the film. Winning the title of 'Miss Evening', hanging out with friends at night, eating all the moments have come up in the pictures. However, there is a difference between the current actress Kangana and this college student Kangana.

Seeing the lip service of the actress, many have claimed many times that the possibility of her not having friends is strong. These pictures prove that their claim is not true at all.

Incidentally, Kangana left her studies and moved to Mumbai to become an actress. His family did not agree with his decision. It is known that he started his career with great difficulty even after coming to Mumbai.