Kangana Ranaut remembered the days of her struggle, said- made a joke about the height


Kangana Ranaut ने अपने स्ट्रगल के दिनों को किया याद, कहा- हाईट को लेकर बनाया मजाक

Kangana Ranaut Image Credit source: Instagram

Bollywood actress and director Kangana Ranaut She keeps sharing stories related to her life with her fans. Sometimes the stories of his childhood and sometimes the stories of his bad times. Kangana Ranaut always remains a part of the discussion due to her outspoken statements. Meanwhile, he has remembered his time when people used to tell him that nothing is going to happen to you. The actress has now talked about her struggle days.

Struggle days are those special days in everyone’s life when everyone remembers them and looks at their journey. Everyone knows this from Kangana Ranaut Himachal. But he left his home to pursue his career in the industry. After which he started doing modeling assignments to earn his living. Kangana has shared many things in her new interview. In which he also remembered his Struggling Days.

According to Kangana, she had come to Mumbai for a modeling assignment, and then she threw away the phone given by her agency. Kangana did not like modeling much. He said that he always used to humiliate them. Kangana’s height was also made fun of many times. Those people wanted height from 5’11 to 6 feet and Kangana’s height is 5’7. He was kept sitting for the whole day. People used to tell him that nothing would happen to him in modeling.

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After which Kangana started shooting and editing for the catalogue. Kangana had also come to Mumbai because of an ad. After deciding to stay in Mumbai, Kangana started auditioning for films. Kangana started her film career with Gangster. In which Emraan Hashmi was in the lead role with him. Now Kangana is a big name and many big films have reached the audience.

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