Kangana, who opened her mouth on behalf of Rangoli, lodged a complaint with the police against the actress


Bangla Hunt Desk: Didi Rangoli Chandel opened her mouth and this time Kangana Ranawat got into legal trouble. Rangoli's Twitter account was shut down after a controversial tweet. A complaint was lodged with the police against Kangana for opening her mouth on behalf of her sister.
It is learned that a lawyer from Mumbai has lodged a complaint against Kangana with the police. It has been alleged that Kangana and Rangoli are taking full advantage of their star status. These two are abusing fans, power, fame. That is why this allegation.

In a video message from Manali's house, Kangana Saf said that Sujan Khan's sister was misrepresenting Rangoli's statement. He did not try to spread any religious division or violence.
In a video message, Kangana said, “My sister Rangoli said that those who attacked doctors and police officers should be shot dead. He never spoke of the Muslim genocide. If any of his tweets are found, Rangoli and I will publicly apologize. But Farah Ali Khan and Rima Kagati have accused Rangoli of saying this about Muslims. So do they think that Muslim means terrorist? But we don't think so. ”

Not only that, he demanded the Prime Minister and the Home Minister to shut down Twitter in this country. Babita also prayed for Fogat's protection. He said that people are being targeted whenever they speak nationalist.

Incidentally, many stars simultaneously complained against Rangoli for posting violence and hatred against the Jamaat. That's why Twitter took action against Kangana's sister. On April 15, Rangoli tweeted that the family of a Tablighi Jamaat member who had died in Corona had attacked police and doctors. But he did not give any details about this.