Kankane cold, Mimi jumped into the sea water after sari in the middle of it! What is the actress!


BanglaHunt Desk: The calendar says that winter has come to Bengal. It is already quite known. In the cold, Jabuthubu wrapped himself in a Bengali sweater blanket. But in this cold Mimi Chakraborty jumped into the sea. After the sari again! This video has gone viral on social media.

As seen in the video, Mimi is walking through the middle of the sea water with her knees bent. She is wearing azure blue sari, her eyes are covered with sunglasses. But seeing the expression on his face, it is clear that he does not like to go into the sea at all. Mimi had to do this out of sheer compulsion.

This is also proved from the caption of the actress. Mimi shared the video on Instagram herself. He said, they have to work in this way for the sake of shooting. In fact, Mimi had to go to sea for the shooting of Mimi's well-released Rabindra Sangeet music video.

The video was shot on Mausuni Island. Mimi had earlier shared some pictures and videos of the shooting behind the scenes. He also shared the teaser of his new music video. Rabindra Sangeet 'Tomar Khola Hawa' sung by Mimi was released on December 25.

Besides acting, Mimi is also continuing to sing. Started his own YouTube channel. He has already released four songs with his voice. Mimi went to Istanbul last year to shoot three songs, 'Paul', 'Pari Hoon Madhya' and 'Anjana' Also a Rabindra Sangeet 'Amar Paran Yaha Chay' was heard in his voice.

Incidentally, Mimi returned to the country from London a few days ago after shooting the next film. The trailer of his upcoming film 'Baji' has already been released. Now just waiting for the release of that picture. There is no photo work in hand at the moment.