Karan is dancing wildly on a wet towel! Kutopati netjanata laughs after watching funny viral videos


Banglahunt Desk: Director and producer Karan Johar has been in the midst of great practice on social media for the last three months. A few days ago, he said that he is going to write a book about his two sons and daughters Yash and Ruhi. Apart from praising this, Karan also became a victim of trolls and criticism.

This time another video of Karan Johar is viral on social media which has caused a lot of laughter on Netdunia. In the video, Karan is seen dancing to the tune of Kajal's super hit Hindi song. This video has gone viral at the moment.

In fact, this is the scene of the song of the movie 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajal. In the film, Kajal is seen dancing to the song 'Mere Khoyabo Mein Yo Aaye'. But Karan Johar's face has been put in place of Kajal in the video through the editing app.

The video has gone viral on social media. Netizens are laughing and eating after watching such funny videos. This video has been shared on Instagram from a fan page of Shah Rukh Khan.

By the way, Karan is going to write a book about the experience of being a father. The director became the victim of trolls again after announcing the book on social media. This time Karan is going to express all his naughtiness with his children in the form of writing. He is going to publish a 'picture book' with beautiful pictures for children. The name of the book is 'Big Big Thoughts of Little Love'.

This is Karan's second book. Earlier, his first book 'A Sweet Boy' was published. Karan himself announced to write this book on social media. He also shared a sweet video of Yash and Ruhi.

But Karan Johar had to be a troll in this too. The director has to admit the harshness of the tweet. One writes, ‘How can one sleep at night by abusing the children of others, engaging in dirty politics, destroying their families? You will never be forgiven for what you did to Sushant. ' Another wrote, ‘Should be ashamed. Drown in a glass of water.