Kareena Kapoor trolled for not fulfilling fan’s wish, users said- ‘These people have got a lot of attitude’


फैन की इच्छा पूरी ना करने पर ट्रोल हुईं करीना कपूर, यूजर्स बोले-

Kareena Kapoor trolled Image Credit source: Instagram/Viral Bhayani

Bollywood’s famous actress Kareena Kapoor remains very active in the internet world. This is because he has a very strong fan following here. Here one or the other video of him remains in discussion among the people every day. Whether the matter is online or offline, everyone just waits for a glimpse of them, but sometimes these stars do something like this. Due to which these fans get caught and then they are trolled in a tremendous way. Something similar is in discussion these days. Where Kareena did something like this. Due to which people are trolling them fiercely.

According to media reports, actress Kareena Kapoor went out for a dinner date with her family. During this, while Saif wore a gray T-shirt, Kareena was seen in a yellow top with black pants with her husband and as soon as she reached the hotel, she found a fan of hers. Who got very excited after seeing the actress and in this excitement she told the actress that she wanted to touch her with her hands but what Kareena did is not being liked by her fans. Because of which he is facing trolling.

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See the reactions of the fans here

Although it is not so, everyone is seen trolling him on this issue. Many people are seen trolling him. After watching this clip, the user wrote, ‘She just wanted to touch once, it could have been explained with love too.’ While another user wrote, ‘A lot of attitude has come inside these actresses..! Another user wrote, ‘People should understand that you cannot touch the actress in this way, if anyone was normal, he would not have shaken hands…’

In the video going viral, you can see that Kareena is seen getting out of her car. Meanwhile, the woman reaches him and requests him to shake hands. For Kareena to fulfill her wish, the woman repeatedly tries to come close to Kareena and shake her hand, but the bodyguards of the actress turn the woman away. Due to which she is unable to touch the actress and her wish remains unfulfilled.

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