Kargil warplanes being sold at OLX! The controversy over viral advertising is extreme


BanglaHunt Desk: OLX is a popular website in India for selling old things. From old furniture to mobile phones a lot is sold on this site. Many have joked about selling their ex-husbands. That is the country's historic war memorial? The controversy escalated when the ad went viral.

The Kargil War is one of the most important part of Indian history. An important part of this war was the MiG 8 The sale of this MiG-23, part of India's history, was reported on OLX. In the advertisement, the MiG-23 fighter jet used against Pakistan in 1999 on the campus of Aligarh Muslim University has been priced at Rs 9.99 crore. The aircraft was gifted to the university by the Indian Air Force in 2009.

And as soon as this advertisement came out publicly, the tumult started in the net world. OLX removed the ad due to heated controversy. According to Aligarh Muslim University, they did not give any advertisement. The process of finding those involved in the incident is underway. Authorities have promised strict action against them.

Kargil War

Incidentally, the Kargil War broke out in May-July 1999 when the Pakistani army and Kashmiri separatists crossed the Line of Control (LoC), known as the de facto border between the two states, into the Kargil district of Kashmir. During and immediately after the war, Pakistan shifted the blame for the war entirely to Kashmiri pro-independence militants.